Spill Kits

Polysorb Body Fluid Clean Up Kits For Safe, Quick And Effective Cleanups Of Human “Accidents”

Our Body Fluid Spill Cleanup kit is for safely disinfecting and disposing of potentially infectious body fluids contained in blood, vomit, faeces and urine.  It will help you to avoid the common mistakes made when cleaning body fluid spills.

It meets the current HSE safety requirements for schools for cleaning up body and blood spillages.

We can make special arrangements for large organisations who regularly buy spill kits including sending you a free sample kit or even creating your own customised spill kit if you have unique requirements – Spill Kits For Large Organisations

Single body fluid clean up kit with absorbent, sanitizer, brush pan and wipes

Why You Should Use Body Fluid Clean Up Kits

Unfortunately “accidents” happen which result in vomit, urine, blood and other substances landing on floors and furniture.

There is an urgent need to cleanup this mess for various reasons:

  • It’s unpleasant for everyone around with offensive smell and unsightly appearance.
  • The vomit, blood etc carries the risk of containing dangerous bacteria that could infect other people.
  • The risk of slips and trips is higher due to spillages lying on the floor.

Waiting for a caretaker or a member of the cleaning staff to come often creates an unacceptable delay and standard cleaning utensils shouldn’t be re-used after dealing with potentially hazardous bacteria.

To quickly and easily cleanup these situations, we recommend you have one of our body spill kits in situ wherever you have significant risk of these kind of incidents.

Our disinfectant sanitiser spray, Bardac 22 (Bardac 22 Data Sheet ) (and also known as DDAC on Wikipedia) is effective against bacteria, fungi, E coli, Salmonella, Noroviruses, Hepatitis B and HIV and is especially designed for use in hospitals and the food industry.

The spill kit can be used in hospitals, surgeries (GPs, dentists and vets), care homes, schools, public buildings, vehicles, factories, offices and homes.

Clear and easy to follow instructions are provided. The video below shows how easy it is to use on a tin of vegetable soup spilt onto the floor.

What’s In Our Single Use Body Fluid Clean Up Kit?

Our single use spill kit includes:    “Recently Improved ” 

  • 1 x pair Large disposable gloves.
  • 2 litres of pine scented green, cellulose absorbent fibre that can absorb three times its own volume in fluid.
  • A large pan and brush.
  • 100mls Bardac 22 Sanitizer spray.
  • 2 wipes.
  • 1 x Waste Bag.
  • Disposal Mask and Apron 
  • Instruction guide for cleaning up spillages.

6 Reasons Why To Buy Our Polysorb Spill Kits

  1. We use a more generous amount (2 litres) of absorbent material than many other spill kits, which lets you quickly cover up the ugly spill and makes it easier to clean up.
  2. Our absorbent is pine scented which quickly hides any offensive odours.
  3. We use a more generous amount (100mls) disinfectant which was developed for Hospitals and the Food Industry to protect against dangerous bacteria and viruses.
  4. We provide a large brush and pan rather than a scoop and scraper which means cleaning up the spill is fast.
  5. Our kit is supplied in a bright yellow plastic box which means it can be found quickly when needed.
  6. To reduce your ongoing costs, we provide lower cost refills.

How To Buy Or Find Out More 

Our standard kit is sold for £8.94 (including VAT) and is available with a next day delivery option – click to go to e-commerce store. We also sell a large spill kit as well as packs of three kits and five kits.

Please visit our products page to buy through our ecommerce store. Our kits are also available through Amazon.co.uk

If you represent a large organisation and you would like to see a sample of our body spill kit or you’d like to have your own spill kit developed to meet your particular needs, please email Andrew Brines or telephone 02828 277900.

Alternatively you may wish to place a large order and want to negotiate a special price and again we ask you to email Andrew Brines or telephone 02828 277900 please.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Also available: http://www.polysorbgroup.co.uk/shop/