Domestic Heating Oil Spills

Heating Oil Spill Cleanups For Domestic Houses and Housing Associations

Houses with oil fueled central heating have risks of accidental leakages of oil from both:

  • the oil tank  which can be large spills of perhaps 1,000 litres; and
  • the boiler with small spills of about 10 litres or more if not stopped leaking.

If these are not cleaned up quickly,

  • There will be an unpleasant smell in the property and surrounding area with the vapours potentially causing serious health risks for young and old people and anyone with breathing difficulties.
  • The property itself can be damaged with oil leaking into floors and walls.
  • Unabsorbed oil represents a fire risk and a health safety hazard for falls and slips.
  • If the spill is on a soft surface, like soil, it will spread the contamination into a much wider area, perhaps affecting other properties and could even leak into the water table.

How We Help

When Polysorb are involved, the first essential activity is to contain the spill and to stop it causing further damage. Next we will evaluate the area of contamination and identify the best solution for cleaning up the affected areas.

Once agreement has been reached with the home owner, landlord, housing association or insurance company and loss adjuster, we cleanup the spill and confirm through sample tests, the removal of the contamination.

The specific techniques we use for our cleanup operation depend on the circumstances at the site but they include:

  • Digging out contaminated ground; and
  • Using special microbes to remove the oil:

We’ve been involved in oil spill cleanups since 1990 and have dealt with hundreds of cleanups since we started.

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The Next Step

If you have a property with oil spill, please contact Andrew Brines on 02828 277900 or 07949 363355 and we can begin the cleanup process.



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